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- Womens Seventies Hairstyles
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(short, medium, long, straight, wavy, curly)
Vintage hairstyles are making a big comeback. The 1970s was a glamourous time and a time where style was all about freedom of choice and being individual. The seventies was when the famous blow drier came on the scene and evey household rushed to buy a Conair and so the blow dried hair look came about. Hippy fashion was all about revolution, it was all new and exciting and so were the hairstyles of the seventies. Long straight hair was a la mode and it was before the time of ceramic ghd straighteners, so as needs must the household iron was used to achieve the same look we now find so easy. Every hairstyle in the seventies was about something new to fashion and it really was the birth of an era that has come full circle and in 2007 we now try to emulate.

- Mens Seventies Hairstyles
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Mens 70s hairstyles are making a comeback, just as retro clothing of that era has been for the past few years. Mens styles are getting longer and for men with short hair a seventies look of longer layers on top, with shorter layers around the sides and back of neck can be seen on the catwalks. Men are also dying their hair darker to achieve a more 1970s feel. Highlights are out and a flat dark barnet is stylish and sleek.

- 1970s Hairstyle Pictures
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(Short, long, conservative, facial hair)
We have lots of pictures of seventies hairstyles in the picture gallery. From glamorous actresses of a bygone era, to modern interpretations of the seventies look. Browse the hairstyle pictures or try the virtual hairstyler, in which you can upload your photo to see what different hairstyle would look like on you. Hairstyles of the past are in fashion and styles like this are classic and very trendy right now. Nostalgia is back and if you want to see what it looks like, check out our hairstyle gallery now!
- Style Instructions
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You will need a blow dryer and straightening irons, maybe some dark hair dye and if you want to really get in the mood, pick some flowers from the garden to add that extra bit of romance to your 1970s hairstyle. Ask your hairdresser about bob cuts and perms and if you ca not be bothered with the GHDs, then find out about Japanese hair straightening methods, that can give you that sleek seventies hairstyle everyday without the effort. L'Oreal also do an excellent Liss straightening system that is worth checking out, for permanent straightening.
- Seventies Shag Hair Style
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  (UpCurls, UpSmooth, DownCurls, DownSmooth)
Shaggy bobs were IN in the seventies. If you have shorter hair and dont want to get extensions, then why not try a shaggy look that was popular in the 1970's. Shaggy hair suits most face shapes and of course is easy to look after, just run the fingers through to get the shaggy windswept look. From shaggy bobs to long layered shaggy styles. A seventies haisrtyle that will always be popular as it is so practical. Add a bit of hair gel for nights out and a more striking look.
- Seventies Hairstyle For Girls
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Seventies hairstyle for girls include the long layered shaggy look, the long sleek straight hair look and bobs, bangs and severe fringes. Girls can achieve the seventies look by middle partings and a good blow dry, whatever their style. It really is easy and fun. Add a bit of color , or some flowers, but if you are over 30, probably give the flowers a miss, as they really need a youthful demeanour to pull off, unless you want to look like a hippy throwback. Girls look really good with this bygone fashion style, teamed with retro clothes and a good Max Factor makeup job, you really can bring the seventies back to haunt your parents.

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