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Latest 2010 hairstyle trends? If you wonder what is new for 2010 hairstyle fashions then read on to get the latest style tips from the catwalks and top stylists. Know what is hot and what is not for hair in 2010!.

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Latest Hair Style Trends For 2010!

In 2010 hairstyles are still evolving, but still referring back to many retro trends, just with an added touch of the future created by top hair stylists using the latest hair styling techniques to achieve cool new looks. We can still see the influence of the 1940s with the flapper bobs for women and pompadour cut for men. The 1980s are quite influential this year, with crimping and curls being seen on the catwalks and in the high street. The eighties looks are combined with a bit more 1990s grunge though, as the tousled look becomes popular. Moving away from the recent years perfect glamour puss hairstyles, the same styles are being ruffled up a bit, creating more textured hairstyles and a little more interest. Rock chicks can rejoice as scrunch drying, natural layered looks are definitely en vogue. Sleek and sophisticated is still in, but controlled wildness is also making a splash and funking up 2010 hairstyles. Colors are vivid and bold, except for blondes which are muted and moving away from brassy tones to more neutral colors.


2010 Hairstyles - Short

In 2010 short hairstyles are exciting, lots of product required for a punky street look, or for a softly textured and feminine look. Backcombing adds some height for a stunning night out. Funky elfin crops look great on oval and heart shaped faces. Small features also suit short cropped hairstyles. If you have a round face you should avoid this hairstyle.
The Pixie Cut
Tousled pixie cuts, as seen on Pixie Geldof are very fashionable this year. You can use pomade on your cut to define the tousles.
Urchin crop
Shaggy urchin crops as seen on Kimberly Wyatt are becoming popular. They can be glammed up by smoothing down and making them glossy and sleek using a shine pomade.
The Undercut
Softly textured top layers keep the undercut looking feminine. It is the classic unisex short bowl hairstyle, brought up to date in 2010 by softly texturing the top layers to keep the undercut looking feminine.

short hairstyles 2010

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2010 Hairstyles - Medium

This year medium length hairstyles should be glossy and voluminous, glamourously styled, but again tousled and textured looks are the style for 2010. Regular trims are necessary for medium length hairstyles so they do not look grown out. Use products, curls, waves and layers to give your medium length hair textures. Messed up texture is the latest way to wear mid length hair. For more volume add short layers on top.

medium hairstyles 2010

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2010 Hairstyles - Long

Long hairstyles are even more popular since the advent of less expensive hair extensions. So how to wear the long tresses this year...well either straight or curly, again texture is key to an up to date look. Adding long layers you can wear hair tousled for daytime and then smooth and glamourise with rounded rollers or tongs for night time glam. Keeping long hair well conditioned is a must, although with dishevelled chic being popular, it does not need to be as well kempt as previous years. A little back combing can give shape and volume to otherwise limp long hair, and this years spotlight is really on hair accessories, this is especially the case with long hairstyles.

long hairstyles 2010

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2010 Hairstyles - Bobs

Danii Minogue's beautiful flapper bob is iconic, but this year, bobs are diversifying and there are many interesting twists to the bob in 2010. Messed up bobs as seen on Agyness Deyn are popular hairstyles, although glossy bobs are still very much en vogue. Flicked out bobs, using a round brush to flick out the ends as you dry, look cute.
Fringeless bobs with side partings also look great, especially dressed up with hair accessories. Heartshape faces look good with a bob length just above the chin. Graduated bobs make fine hair look fuller. Asymetric bobs can add interest to the style and backcombed bobs transform the style to a punk look.

2010 messed up bob hairstyle

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2010 Hair Colors

A new technique called balayage is the latest way to get a sunkissed hair color and is the color tip of the year, made popular by celebrities such as Alexa Chung and Lauren Conrad, highlights are applied freehand to hair, often at the tips and in streaks.
Brassy tones are out and to neutralise any that may linger you can use a purple or "silver" shampoo. Muted and matte blondes such as taupe sandy and beiges are this years blonde shade. No blocks of color, instead multi tonal highlights look better, or break up a base colour with highlights.
Violet and magenta low lights and rich deep dark colours like chocolate and mahogany are dark shades for hair in 2010. Scattered highlights like flecked gold also look great. Shine is really important, shine spray and a good conditioner are a must to keep dark hair colors fresh.
Fiery vibrant reds are de rigeur this year. Nicola Roberts wears her red hair beautifully, with a fine english rose complexion. Warmer skin tones can go for a darker mahogany shade.

alexa chung hair color balyage

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2009 Hairstyles - Curly

The 80s vibe for curly hairstyles is still hot, but with an added touch of 90s grunge, curly hair can be backcombed to make it look untamed and give it the scrunched, tousled, street look. Perfectly formed ringlets, set with gel, are the opposite end of the curl spectrum, but none the less a fashionable hairstyle for 2010.
Big Curls
Use large thermoceramic rollers to get the look
Long Curls
Must be well conditioned, healthy looking. As seen on Taylor Swift. Blown out curls, using a diffuser for extra volume, makes curly hair look glamorous. Vintage curls should come complete with frizz and flyaways, no serum on vintage curls for the perfect retro look.
Short Curls
As seen on Jessica Stroup, straight near the roots, leading to wavy curls at the ends of the hair.

2010 curly hairstyles

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2010 Hairstyles - Quiffs

Jedward and their quiff hairstyles have alot to answer for, are they copying Gwen Stefani or is she copying them? Quiffs go on being popular in 2010, they are becoming more extreme, extreme quiffs with exagerrated shapes are making their mark in hair salons.

2010 quiff hairstyles

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2010 Hairstyles - Fringes

Blunt fringes as worn by Liv Tyler, look stylish and groomed and are still popular in 2010 hairstyles, but what is really noticable are the flicked out fringes, created by using a radial brush when blow drying. Another trend for 2010 is the micro fringe, the fringe stops about an inch above eyebrows. Swept fringes, peekaboo style look cute and sexy, plus they are easy to maintain as they do not need trimming as often as shorter fringes. Very wide fringes that open up the face are also trendy this year, with any length hairdo. Blended fringes that skim the forehead and blend into the sides of hair, can complement a wide fringe for a very flattering hairstyle.

2010 fringes

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2010 Hairstyles - Wavy

Wavy hairstyles as seen on Megan Fox can look soft and glamourous. Waves soften short hairstyles making them more feminine and add interest to long hairstyles.
Shiny ripples, making sleek waves are the way to wear your waves. Soft and glamorous as per 40s style but without being gel set, so a little less severe.
The wavy hairstyles of 2010 are loose waves without frizz, highlights also add a new dimension to waves and waves add volume to otherwise limp hair.

2010 wavy hairstyles heidi montague

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2010 Hairstyles - Updo

Soft and ethereal updos are the way to wear your hair up this year. Soft undone styles, with wisps of hair left free hanging, give this look its special romantic edge. many celebrities are also seen wearing sophisticated loose rolls, which are very glamourous and require boby pins and maybe a friend and plenty of hair spray to get in place and keep there. Half updos, where part of the hair is left hanging free whilst a section only is rolled up or plaited and placed, makes the classic updo look softer, but still very stylish. One more updo that is new to this year, is bunches. Not a good look for the over 30s, but can now be worn over the age of 10 without any funny looks. Accesories make any updo up to date and are a must have for most 2010 hairstyles.

2010 updo hairstyles

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2010 Hairstyles - Layered

Layered hairstyles are essential for a tousled look. Use a texturising product and scrunch dry the hair separating layers to acieve a trendy tousled hairstyle. Layers also encourage the natural waves in your hair and can reduce weight to thick hair.
Long Layers
Long and sleek is a classic style, adding graduated layers around the front frames the face and givesthis layered hairstyle more interest.
Rounded Layers
Turn under layers to give hair a beautiful shape.
Voluminous Layers
Layers add volume and texture and that is key to a 2010 hairstyle. Short layers at the top of the head give height and volume.

layered hairstyles tousled

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2010 Hairstyles - Crimped

Volumous crimped hair, glammed up with a sparkly hair accessory, is another retro look that has been reborn for 2010. Crimped hair looks great with pretty hair accessories and unlike in the eighties, there is no excuse for too much frizz, although some frizz goes with the look, a little serum never hurt anyone, so crimp to your hairs content this year, just remember to use heat protector and to condition well!

crimped hairstyles 2010

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2009 Hairstyles - Geometric

Clean graphic lines with strong bold color are pleasing to the eye and create a well groomed look. Symetric or asymetric, either way keep well trimmed for maxinum effect.

geometric2010 hairstyles

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2010 Hairstyles - Texture

Texture is the 2010 hairstyles buzz word...punky texture, short choppy layers throughout, natural texture, a carefree naturally dried look. Less is more is the way to wear your hair this year, you can look well groomed and smart with a less than perfect hairdo, in fact this year, you really can! Bring out your natural look and save the super styling for special occasions.

textured hairstyles

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2010 Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a must have for your 2010 hairstyles. Seen on the catwalk, a perfect finishing touch to any outfit and hairstyle.

hair accessories

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2010 Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have come down in price and many people are wearing clip on sections adding length to hair. It gives you versatility and the ability to rapidly change your look. From a clip on pony tail, to a full head of long glossy hair.

wavy hair


2010 Hairstyles - Mens

Texture, use specialist styling products to create definition in mens hairstyles. Strong hold wax holds dramatic styles like quiffs in place. This year buzz cuts - very short hairstyles for men - are trendy. The shag haircut (tousled with lots of layers and texture) is a good option for hair that is a little longer. 1940s pompadour hairstyles are also another revamped retro look that many celebrities are wearing. It is a well groomed, clean cut look that never goes out of style. Men such as Ricky Nelson can be seen sporting the Pompadour hairstyle.

mens hairstyles 2010

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