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Hot New Hair Style Trends For 2009!

In 2009 hairstyles are taking a trip down memory lane. With 1940s retro fashion being popular, this is reflected in hairstyling. On the catwalks have been seen much sophistication, as per that era, with sleek updos and kinks abounding. These styles take some work and hair products of course, but if spending time on your hairdo is not your thing, do not worry, as at the other end of the 2009 hairstyle spectrum, is bedhead hair, with fluffy curls, looking unkempt, even a little punky, being just as a la mode! As usual there is something to suit everyone, whether you have long hair, short hair, are male or female, curly or straight. Blunt fringes, side sweeps and layers are ever popular as is the bob, but this year, short short crops are making a big come back, as is the color red, from deep copper tones to more pinky red colors, 2009 looks like it will be bright. If you can not bear to part with your long locks, then wearing it up in a pony tail will do, see some great ideas below. Hair accessories add a special something to every style this year, so choose something sparkly or plastic, it will update your style with very little effort!


2009 Hairstyles - Layers

Layers are suitable for everyone, cut into the mid section of long hair they give volume, added to ends of hair give a sleeker finish and layers are an easy way to update tresses. One length hair is notoriously difficult to wear, layers are usually more flattering, framing a face and making you look a little more edgy. Layers also add volume, think of Jennifer Aniston and the "Rachel" cut! You can create a variety of effects using layers, just ask your hair dresser. Layers are the easiest way to update your hairstyle, whether it is long or short, layers give you a more modern look.

2009 layered hairstyle

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2009 Hairstyles - Fringes

This year fringes are being worn super short, full fat and eye tickling, or visor like and layered. Rock chicks such as Daisy Lowe and Alexa Chung have been seen sporting side sweep fringes. Cameron Diaz and Hilary Duff have opted for super short heavy and blunt fringes. Brittany Murphy and Christina Ricci have feathered provocative, peep thru fringes. To see some of this seasons fringe styles, look in the 2009 hairstyles gallery.


Click here for pictures of 2009 Fringes


2009 Hairstyles - Pony Tails

If you want to keep your hair long, but also want to show off your beautiful face to it's full glory, then a pny tail is the answer. Giving a cropped hair effect, pony tails are practical and stylish. Dress up the pony tail with hair accessories such as sparkling grips, even feathers and plastic alice bands. This years pony tails are more than just scraped back hair, the actual pony tail should be scrunched or crimped for a full bodied textured look. Half pony tails also look cute and are fashionable in 2009, as worn by Cate Blanchett, easy to style, just as it sounds, tie back half the hair, leaving lots of soft strands, for a less severe form of updo.

cate blanchett pony tail

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2009 Hairstyles - Updos

As with the pony tail, in 2009 updos have a little more attitude. You can easily add some attitude to any updo with back combed sections and even with a quiff. Hayden Panettiere is a shining example of how to accessorize an updo, bows are big and intricate braided updos like Sarah Michelle Gellar wears, offer a practical daytime look that are still suitable for a dramatic evening look upsweep. Updos are very stylish and many stars wear beautiful updos that can inspire you, such as Eva Mendes.


Click here for pictures of 2009 Updos


2009 Hairstyles - Kinks

Kink the ends of super sleek styles to add a touch of the latest look to your hairstyle. For inspiration see Gwyneth Paltrow in our 2009 hairstyle gallery. Kinks are easy to add if you have hot irons or curling tongs, just tweak the ends of your style to give a flattering touch of interest to otherwise plain styles.

gwyneth paltrow kinks hairstyle

Click here for pictures of 2009 Kinks in Hairstyles


2009 Hairstyles - Short

Short hair is easy to maintain, so very practical. It is quick to style and this year of course the best exaample of a brave short crop is being worn by Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham. It goes to show that short hair can still be ultra feminine, especially if layers are taken advantage of and the fringe is cut right to suit your face shape. Color can add texture to short hairstyles and in 2009 red shades are the latest color for hair. From low lights to a full head, color can define and add alot to short hair. With quiffs being seen on many catwalks this year, do not be shy with the wax to achieve sculpted looks and lots of height!

2009 short hair

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2009 Hairstyles - Quiffs

Rock n Roll! Do we need say more? No self respecting rock chick would be complete without sporting the occasional quiff. Made popular by Elvis way back when, but no longer tied to the male domain, quiffs can add height and an element of glamour and style to both short and long hairstyles. Practical short styles can be properly glammed up for the evening, with just a touch of styling into a quiff and long hair also can be tied back with the front part quiffed for a very fashionable evening look. Dramatic and trendy, quiffs are definitely all the rage in 2009!

quiff hair

Click here for pictures of Quiffs in 2009 hairstyles


2009 Hairstyles - Mid Length

If you are growing out short hair and are at that mid length stage, there are plenty of options to look stylish in 2009. Mid length is also a good compromise for femininity, without the hassle of keeping long long tresses pristine. Sleek and sophisticated, like Paris Hilton, or kooky and cool, tousled a la Alexa Chung. Mid length styles are great when growing out shorter styles and can be versatile as well. Wear up for cropped effect or loose and volumised for a feminine look. A fringe adds some edginess to a mid length hairstyle, Kate Moss is a good example of a nice 2009 mid length hairstyle.

midlength hairstyle

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2009 Hairstyles - Long Hair

Long hair can look flat and lifeless, but you can easily add bulk and definition with some razored layers and curls. Lindsey Lohan plaits her long hair for extra texture and life, Kate Hudson wears hers sleek and Hayden Panettiere tousles her long locks. Jennifer Garner wears hers waved, as does Lauren Conrad. Long hair is still fashionable, as long as you are willing to put in the time to jazz it up, which need not take too much time at all really, as all you need do is plait a little, tousle a little, add a few accessories or curls and away you go. The latest and most fashionable thing for long hair, really is for it to be healthy and shining. Every year healthy hair is going to look good, without too much effort, so make sure if you have long hair to keep it in great condition, use treatments and heat protector is you are doing much blow drying or styling.

long hair 2009

Click here for pictures of 2009Long Hairstyles


2009 Hairstyles - Bobs

Bobs are still popular hairstyles in 2009, so versatile, a bob can be textured or sleek, so whatever type of hair you have, fine or course, there is a bob out there for you. The first bob was the flapper (Louise Brooks) and was seen around the 1920s, amidst much womens movements towards liberation, so the bob came and has stayed, as have the flappers ideals. Bobs really are very symbolic of modern women and in 2009 such a symbol remains as forward thinking and popular as ever. Even though Victoria Beckam has cut hers off, the bob is unlikely to go out of style and will remain a good look for 2009. This year to update your bob, cut some layers or kink the ends for the latest look!

bob hairstyle

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2009 Hairstyles - The Color Red

Warm, rich and vibrant, as seen on Cynthia Nixon, Marcia Cross and Julia Roberts, red tones and highlights are very popular for 2009 hair color. A red streak or a full head of pinky red tones, look great and fun and give any hairstyle a modern look. As red fades the fastest of all hair colors, make sure you use color maintenance products, to keep that shade at it's best. Also if red is new for you, do not forget that you may need to change your make up colors as well, as red hair calls for neutral tones, such as gold, chestnut, camel, beige, honey, terra cotta, russet and raisin. Smokey eyes particularly compliment red hair.

red hair color

Click here for pictures of 2009 Red hairstyles


2009 Hairstyles - Blonde

If you want to be a blonde, then in 2009 the way to go is to use an overlaying multi mix of shades within a tonal family, rather than a flat shallow blonde. A full head of blonde hair looks great, but use multi toned highlights to give it the modern 2009 hairstyle look. Roots need not be a problem, as with Alice bands still fashionable, when the roots start to show, they can be hidden beneath an Alice Band, giving you some extra time before a touch up. Golden and ash blondes look great, remember to find complimentary make up shades and color maintenance products to keep it in tip top condition. Gwneth Paltrow is a good example of how blonde hair in 2009 can look!

blonde hair

Click here for pictures of 2009 Blonde hairstyles


2009 Hairstyles - Dark

Think of the dark and brooding Angelina Jolie, as a great example of dark tones this season. Aubergine and deep chocolate rather than raven black, are what you should be aiming for. Dark hair looks great with lots of shine, and so a serum and shine spray are must haves to give your hair a really healthy shine. Some brunettes swear by a beer rinse of their hair to give that extra shine, but here at hairstylezone, we reccommend a healthy diet, plenty of sleep and a good quality shampoo and conditioner to achieve the same this year.

dark 2009 hairstyle

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2009 Hairstyles - Sleek

Get a mirror like shine using serum for slicked back hairstyles in 2009. Retro sleek looks are in, such as worn by forties starlets and they were sleek and neat with a glossy finish, as glossy as the mags they appeared in. To add extra height to an otherwise sleek hairstyle, back comb the roots for extra height beneath and then smooth on serum for a sleek surface finish.

sleek hairstyle

Click here for pictures of 2009 Sleek hairstyles


2009 Hairstyles - Curls

Curls are cute and corkscrew or big and bouncy, fluffy curls are back and as mousse can make curls crispy, style with cremes and serum instead. This season there is a moving away from dishevelled curls, towards more groomed, luscious looking curls. More glamourous with a retro 1940s feel, with the top section groomed and luxe, whilst the bottom section curls tumble freely and naturally.

curly hairstyle

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2009 Hairstyles - Waves

Waves add movement to an otherwise static hairstyles. Leighton Meester has waves in her hair this year and you can add kinks with straightning irons or boost natural kinks with salt spray to make boho waves. Keep wavy hair in check with styling products like serum and shine spray, and in 2009 the trend is for waves in the bottom section of hair, keeping the top section smooth and straight.

wavy hair

Click here for pictures of 2009 Wavy hairstyles


2009 Hairstyles - Retro Dos

Well we are going even further back in time...although sixties hairstyles are still popular, in 2009 hairstyles are much influenced by the 1940s. A glamourous and well groomed period that is reflected by the sleek, groomed looks we are seeing this year. Kinks from curling irons, smoothed with serum and glossy waves,look great with retro chic fashion styles that are in the High Street now. If you like the 60s style then back combing and high worn quiffs will give you an edgy look. The forties also inspire the use of hair accessories, so accessorise to your hairs content, with bows, diamonds and feathers for a really retro feel.

retro hairstyle

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Hairstylezone.com Wishes You All A Very Happy New Year In 2009

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